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    Ethnomathematics and STEM Institute Video

    The Ethnomathematics and STEM Institute video was produced by University of Hawai‘i Systemwide Office of Communications in Spring 2014.

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    Hawai‘i Institute of Marine Biology

    The Hawai'i Institute of Marine Biology is a world-renowned research institute located on Coconut Island and surrounded by 64 acres of coral reef in Kāne‘ohe Bay. Participants learn about intersections of natural resources, environmental conservation, tropical marine science, and STEM in their Hawaiian backyard.

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    Kalaupapa National Historical Park

    Kalaupapa, Moloka'i was once a leprosy community in isolation, and now serves as a place for education and contemplation. Here, past suffering has given way to personal pride about accomplishments made in the face of great adversity. Kalaupapa is a place where we can reconsider our responses to people with disabilities or illnesses. Moreover, it is a place where the land has the power to heal - because of its human history, natural history, and stunning physical beauty. Through first-hand mathematical experiences, we learn about how these themes impact past, present, and future generations.

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    Ka Papa Lo‘i O Kānewai

    Ka Papa Lo‘i O Kānewai is a Hawaiian cultural research and outreach program organizationally housed in Hawai‘inuiakea School of Hawaiian Knowledge at the University of Hawai‘i at Mānoa. In the ahupua‘a (traditional land division) of Waikiki, Kānewai is a pu‘uhonua (sanctuary) and a venue for cultural activities with hands-on experiences via experiential learning STEM curricula and lessons.

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    Mokauea Island Fishing Village

    Mokauea Island is the site of O'ahu’s last Hawaiian fishing village, and one of only two left in Hawai`i where hundreds of villages thrived in pre-European times. Through a values-based, experiential learning environment, participants take an active role in preserving, protecting, and caring for our marine life. Through service-learning, we help restore the fishing village, and in the process learn about STEM skills through the perpetuation and practice of fishing, seafaring, and maintaining healthy viable oceans.

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    Polynesian Voyaging Society

    With a legacy of ocean exploration as its foundation, the Polynesian Voyaging Society is committed to undertake voyages of discovery; to respect, learn from, and perpetuate heritage through practice; and to promote learning which integrates voyaging experiences and values into quality STEM education. Through traditional, celestial navigation (i.e., sun, moon, stars, tides, etc.), participants learn how STEM is a tool to learn about real-world applications, share knowledge, and foster living well on our special islands.

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    Waikalua Loko Fishpond

    Waikalua Loko Fishpond Preservation Society was founded in 1995 to manage and implement a preservation plan through an ongoing effort by students, community groups, and educational organizations. We take responsibility as stewards to breathe new life back into the 400 year old fishpond. As each stone is put back on the wall and each native plant takes root, we build the foundation for a healthier and sustainable future that honors the rich cultural and natural STEM heritages.

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    Classroom Learning

    Classroom learning includes a variety of lesson plans including: celestial navigation, music and polyrhythms, surfboard repair and calculus, Hawaiian counting and numeric systems, among others.

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